Casting industry is one of the most important industries in the field of engineering industries worldwide.

Hence the need to establish a foundry that can supply quality castings at competitive prices with short delivery times was the challenge that international casting and modern industries Co.

decided to go through by establishing its first foundry in 2007

Company Chairman
Mr. Hassan Farid HassanenMr. Hassan Farid Hassanen
Also, chairman of :

International Casting & Modern Industries co.
Allweiler-Farid pumps co. []
Sons of Farid Hassanen co. []

Markets Needs
Demands of the casting increased in the last few years because its one of the main constituent of many different fields as :

  • Pumps production.
  • Parts of electric Motor casing.
  • Automotive industry & Agriculture tractors needs 3000 T/Year.
  • Reinforced concrete, metallurgical industry and paper industry needs 8000 T/Year.
  • Valves industry.
  • Rail ways & Underground.
  •  Production

    ICMI started its production in July 2007 using the most advanced technologies in the casting industry (Full Automated, Semi Automated) producing the following:

    • Cast Iron (GG).

    • Ductile Iron (GGG).

    • Copper Alloy.

    • Stainless steel.

    From 1kg up to 4 tons/piece.

    Company in Numbers

    - Authorized capital 100 Million L.E paid up capital 35 Million L.E
    - Capital investment for the 1St phase 42 Million L.E
    - Fixed asset 35 Million L.E
    - Current asset 9 Million L.E
    - Total area 40000 M2
    - Using area 20000 M2
    - Available production 7000 T/Year.
    - We are plane to produce 8000 T/Year.
    - We start production in 7/7/2007.

    Shareholders are
    Union Bank Egypt
    Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt
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